The Story of Daphne and Apollo

A Roman Legend

Apollo mocked Cupid, the God of Desire, because he used a bow and arrow to spread love. Apollo believed that bows should only be used for war.

In anger, Cupid shot an arrow made of Lead at Daphne, a wood nymph, making her hate Apollo.

He shot an arrow made of gold at Apollo, making him fall in love with Daphne.

Daphne began to run from Apollo. He persued her.

Seeing that Apollo was bound to catch up, Daphne prayed for her father Peneus to save her.

daphne tree

To save her, Daphne's father turned her into a tree.

His heart rent in two, Apollo desperately embraced Daphne's wooden form, tears streaming down his face.

Apollo vowed to tend to the tree until the end of time.