Lease on Life


What is this?
Lease on Life is Katie Jostes' capstone project for Elon University's Interactive Media (iMedia) graduate program.

It is a game meant to allow players to step into the lives of those most impacted by the United States' healthcare policies, with the hope of being a tool to aid in advocacy for the adoption of a universal or single-payer healthcare system.

How was it made?
I coded all of this myself, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and a touch of JSON.
There are 2195 lines of code in this project.

Want to reach out?
You can email me at or visit my website at

Special Thanks

To Savannah:
For relentlessly advocating for those with chronic "invisible" illnesses, and for sharing your personal struggles with me.
To Dr. Moner:
For your guidance and support.
To Coffee:
For getting me through this year.